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About Us

Guacamole Hub is the distributor of La Bonanza Avocados, a two generation, family owned, professional and reliable Mexican Hass avocado grower, harvester, packer, processor, exporter and importer located in Michoacan, MX .

We grow and pack our own avocados as well as fruit from trusted family farms. Farming at many elevations and use of high-density planting produce larger levels of Avocado production. Let us be your direct source for Fresh Avocados from Mexico and Guacamole products.

We use only fresh Hass Avocados direct from the orchards in Mexico.
We control 100% of the process, from tree to freezer.


Guacamole Hub is a division of IntelliHub Corp, a logistic corporation providing one-stop Nearshoring, logistic and warehousing services.

If you are looking for suppliers or manufacturers in Mexico, this is the right time for your company to think about Nearshoring. We have an extensive network of manufacturers ready to work with you. Get cost and efficiency consistency with imports from Mexico.

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